• Custom Invoice with company's own Branding.
  • * Dashboard (Summary Report)
    * GST Tax Rate Calculator
    * Total Bill Amount
    * GST Tax Rate (Amount + Taxable Amount)
    * Printing Purchase/Sales/Tax Report
    * Ledger Book Storing & Modification
  • Pricing: 50,000 (One Time Purchase)

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Storage Space 150GB

1 MYSQL / MS-SQL Database -1 GB

FTP(File Transfer Protocol) - 1

Business Email ID -2

Free Domain with Annual Plan

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Dashboard is a summary of all the transactions which consists of Purchase and sales and their respective tax.

The report is basically a complete reciept of trasanction which includes every detail regarding the sales.

Report is generated which consists of all the consumers with whom the transaction took place.

Purchase Tally Sheet provides an overview of all the purchases taking place where every single entry or transaction is considered as job.

Purchase Tax Report allows the user to know the total amount after adding the taxable amount.

This is an important tool for businesses on small scale as this tool allows you to have a accurate data reguarding all the transactions taking place related to respective Business.

This tools consists of features which can make work efficient for large scale business too.The GST Application gives a complete overview of the transaction processed.Providing proper tax report generation and a summary of Purchase & Sales.

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