• Diamond Demand

    Diamond Demand is an application developed to bring the diamond community together.This application allows hassle-free business for better communication between the buyer, seller and the broker.

  • Bragbook

    Bragbook very efficiently gives you a platform to connect to a wide range of audience based on your need. We have blurred out the lines and you are just a few clicks away from entering a whole new set up comprising of bloggers and freelancers all under one roof.

  • Kohinoor Technology

    They provide car wash,plumber and repair serices for daily appliances according to the customer needs.Their services including hiring driver as well.

  • Reciept Bag

    Reciept Bag allows users to scan documents and export them as PDF's.The application also features image to text conversion.

  • Blossom Classes

    Blossom Classes is a student or child oriented application where multiple courses are available starting from the toddlers to higher grade children.

  • Cinemaxx

    Cinemaxx is a movie booking application where a user can book movie tickets online directly through the app.Seats allotment and many other features are available.

  • Fally

    Fally is a food oriented application where multiple recipies can be learned in detail.User can watch recipie videos and also add specific recipies to their favourite lists.

  • Idea Factory

    Idea Factory application allow users to publish their ideas and theories and get certification for their patented idea.

  • Bragbook

    Bragbook allows the creator community of freelancers, brands, bloggers and the general users together to work in sync and help each other to reach their respective goals.The application itself consists of many interesting features.

  • Screen Recording Videos

  • App Explainatory Videos

  • Trending Informative Videos

  • White Board Animation

  • Panda Creation | Online Shopping Website

  • Bhuvaneshwar Holidays

  • Learn Eternity | Official Website

  • Dhruv Consultancy