Digital Business Card

A digital card is a virtual digital representation of your profile with details including your personal information, bank details, contact details and many more. Digital Card allows the world to get in touch with you in a more simpler and convinient way. It gives you the luxury of flexibility, customization and privacy controls for your profile to keep your information more secure and safe. Enabling everyone to share their information under one link.

The benefit of digital card is the process of sharing the card through social platforms hence even other person if interested can interact.

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Employee Management Tool

The Employees management system module consists of various features allowing you to perform general human resource management tasks such as employee attendence, holidays and leave reports. Any information needed is available at the click of a button with comprehensive reporting features.

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Facebook Manager Application

Automate your facebook marketing with tool where the user is allowed to send messages to multiple facebook contacts with just one click.For hassle free marketing and communication Facebook Messanger is the best tool available in the market.

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Human Resource Management

HR Management Tools  are essential to survive in this highly competitive and fast-paced business environment. We have assembled the best of HR tools in 2019 that you can try today.

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Whatsapp Marketing

Advertise your Business with social media power. This digital marketing tool allows users to send unlimited free messages to all the contacts without any limit constraint, The user can send multiple messages with custom time interval & consists of several features like contact grabber, contact number filter etc.

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Bulk SMS & E-Mail Marketing Tool

Bulk E-Mail and SMS marketing have become one of the most popular modes of marketing a product or a service. It is helpful in generating brand awarenesss and visibility using the E-Mail and SMS marketing tool.

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