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 Add Unlimited employees  Add Unlimited employees
 Android App for all your employees  Android App for all your employees
 Maintain attendance, salary slips  Maintain attendance, salary slips

The Attendence Management System allows the employees to register their attendance with the help of QR-Code Scanning where the employee can scan the code using the mobile phone app and register their in-time and out-time accordingly.

Employees can add a leave note which will allow them to take holiday for a particular day.

Employee Salary Slip management helps you easily manage monthly salary & define complete structure and employee's work progress.Hence no more pestering queries from employees about their Salary slips!

Yearly holidays including the bank holidays will be displayed in this section.

This is an important tool to manage Employees salary, attendance etc.

This tool can also be used in large scale business where the organization works on key principles and factors like attendance, salary etc.

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