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 Reports, attendance, weekly off reports  Reports, attendance, weekly off reports
 Leave policies, session reports  Leave policies, session reports

The Dashboard represents the time sheet which displays a detailed view of login & logout time. View Attendance displays attendance history & available leave balance. Additional information like holidays, tickets & more are displayed on the Dashboard.

This tab displays the account information where the admin or the account holder can edit their information like their login details. Additional data like time sheets, breaks, attendance, holiday calendar, tickets & request data is displayed.

The Master Tab allows the admin to edit information like adding or deleting the users, projects, clients, tickets, break mode, session reports and much more.

This tab represents reports regarding the attendance, breaks, timesheet, weekly off all the frequent and transactional reports and the logs too. The reports are generated in the excel format.

My Team section provides information about the reviews timesheet, breaks, projects, tickets & Approve sections like leave, breaks, attendance.

My Reports refers to reports regarding the leave type, employee name, Log in & log out report, employee attendance report, leave balance report & much more. The reports are generated in the Excel Format.

Audit reports can display reports of leave, attendance, login-logout & allowance of either employee or admin for the particular year. The reports are generated in excel format.

Rights Management assigns roles to employee & clients, which allows admin to grant access to employees and clients for a specific task.

The tool is optimsed with multiple features which are more than enough for small scale organizations.

The HR Management tool is tailor made for the Large Scale Business where multiple features can be utilized.

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