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 Dashboard  Dashboard
 Manage Email and SMS templates  Manage Email and SMS templates
 Import contacts using ExcelSheet and CSV file  Import contacts using ExcelSheet and CSV file

The Dashboard is a summary of all the statistics which displays multiple information regarding contacts , Email templates etc.

The admin can assign a supervisor where the supervisor will be permitted certain task to perform in other words an authority will be provided to the user to manage contacts or send Email etc.

This feature allow the user to create custom email template & request for database.

Users can add custom email templates according to their choices.

This tab allows users to add contacts which can further be added to desired groups.

Groups can be added and deleted accordingly which may contain data like their contact details i.e Email ID

Similar to Email templates users can use SMS templates to store multiple custom SMS which can be used later.

Contacts can be manually added or CSV file (Excel Sheet) can be uploaded to send SMS or Mail.

In this panel users can send SMS , Email to desired contact or a group.

All the statistics related to the campaign consisting of Email , SMS Sent & complementing stats like the time and error or success status is diplayed.

This tab allows admin to get a brief idea regarding the number of supervisors created and the authorities provided to them.

This is an important tool for businesses on small scale as this tool allows you to reach vast majority of whatsapp users at once.

The message can be transfered to a user in seconds and can obtain reply in a very short span of time this makes the conversation more easy and efficient then other processes. Note Messages for the day can be transfered through this tool.Which will make work more convinient to send messages to all the small departments.

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